Our vision is to create an array of Successful Entrepreneurs and see India as the "Innovation hub of the world". We aspire Chatur Ideas platform to be a "ONE STOP" for each and every Entrepreneur and build the finest businesses that the world has ever witnessed.


"We aim to create 250 successful businesses in the next 5 years."

We wish to achieve our objectives in an environment of dedicated passion, utmost sincerity and honesty towards our entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and all associates.

Who has a Chatur Idea?

A Chatur Idea is any and every idea that would make our life simpler, smarter, and efficient. An ingenious fellow had an idea to bring all the information at one landing page, that idea is now called 'Google'. A young man who vaccinated cattle's and fixed windmills in his childhood had a disruptive idea to bring all the products that we use in a daily life at your doorstep, that idea is now called 'Amazon'. Similarly, a Chatur Idea is any idea that reduces the human effort and Changes the way we see, hear, and work in our life for better and for good. So who has a Chatur Idea? It's an 18-year-old boy who has a groundbreaking technological idea that could liberate, and enhance our complex and mundane lifestyle, it is also a 63-year-old man who had a brilliant idea to fix the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but couldn't as the life during the time did not provide that opportunity.

'India is Changing', and its changing fast. There is an evident buzz. An unsettling cyclone is already stirring before the hurricane of innovations hits our country. We at Chatur Ideas believe that a person who has a Chatur Idea is anyone and everyone who wishes to be a part of this change, and has a strategic brainwork that could assertively put our country in the top league for innovations.


The system of 'Eight Values!'

Communicate Boldly – There is no such thing as 'perfect solution!' There is always 'the solution' that fits the best for your problem. Seeking the best solution requires individuals and team members to communicate freely and boldly. And it's not necessary that one might get it right all the time. We believe the experience of errors and failures only enhances the scope of a larger success.

Always be Grateful - It's important to be grateful all the time because nothing is permanent. So always be grateful for this life, the relationships you hold, job you have, and the technology you use. Show gratitude to one and another no matter of his or her status or position, because that's the right way to live your life.

Faith is imperative – We believe and trust that that there is something bigger than us. We are not in control of all the things that goes around. So it's important to acknowledge the unperceivable power that holds the dominos together. By saying that we are not declaring or conveying to follow any religion. We are just simply saying that you can have faith in a stone, science, a person, your parents, or a deity, and that's the beauty of faith, it's different for everyone. It does not matter as long as their some level of faith imbedded in us because that's only thing, which is going to get you out when life will corner you and break you down.

Be the social change – "Be the change you wish to see in this world" were the golden words spoken by our 'Father of the Nation,' M.K. Gandhi. We at Chatur Ideas expect everyone who works with us to believe and deliver tangible work that makes our society a better place to live in. We strongly emphasize to build a value system that brings positive change, and develops the way of living for all the people around.

Nurture creativity - People who see closed doors before an open window do not think out of the box. We nurture creativity. We firmly believe that 'One should always paint a new story,' as there is no point in following what others do. We encourage every member of our team to be creative in his or her own space. We don't postulate, but concur that 'creativity is the start and end of everything!'

Stay passionately committed - Success is rarely an accident! With intelligent ideas and unflawed strategic planning you require an inexhaustible commitment and passion to achieve the big hit. We at Chatur Ideas solidly believe that to achieve excellence we need to be relentless in our pursuit.

Be the collective voice – Staying true to our mission will always be our utmost priority. In order to achieve this we need to not only understand what we want for our people, but what people want from us. We believe in what our esteemed users believe in. ChaturIdeas team will always echo the sentiment, which is right, worthy and admirable. We will never single out any righteous and noble voice. We will always be a part of it.

Seek disruptiveness - It's not just about what we need now; it's about what we need for our future. Understanding that is seeking disruptive thinking! We at Chatur Ideas will always seek disruptive thinking because we understand that the only thing, which will be constant in this world, would be the change in the way people live, think, hear and understand.

The Logo Story!

There should always be a story… behind every design!

"Carve your name on hearts, not on tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you." When it comes to making a logo, what most people usuually forget is, keeping in mind the companies ideology is not the ultimate goal, the logo also needs to also speak out a story. A story as simple as carving a design with a hidden number 31 between the letter B and R, a story that would say to people that we are coming up with 31 new flavours of ice creams. That itself was enough for Baskin Robbins to make a impact. Similarly, we thought that our logo should have story. We tried innumerous ways to make our logo stand out unique, but nothing that came out as sketch, really made us feel satisfied.

Until one day we thought to ourselves what is the most important essence of any story? It's not the words, it is the journey. So we sat down and started making a journey, a journey of a budding enreprenuer. As our motto says that we wish to make as many as Indian entreprenuers as possible, it was imperative to show that how we would help them become succesful entreprenuers. After a lot of conceptualization, we decided that our logo should have a mongram with the first letters of Chatur and Ideas. And our C should be designed in such a way that it should look like a road, a road curving and going upwards denoting forward progression, wherein the road that makes letter 'C' starts small, but ends big symbolising the growth of every entreprenuer associated with us. It was also important to show how we intend to make them into extraordinary entrepreneurs, and to create that we needed an entire ecosytem for innovation. So we carefully and meticulosly started designing a Chatur entrepreneurs' journey with our company.

So from a person with a chatur idea to how he or she would go through the process of team building, to incubation and acceleration. From creating value for the company, to extract VC and Angel funding, and then finally becoming an entreprenuer, all the nuts and bolts are fitted together impeccably in the road shaped design of the letter 'C'!

Don't belive us look at the logo carefully

Someone famous and fancy once said that 'life is in the tiny details!' We say its same for creativity and that should alway reflect in our identity. Every small detailing about the ecosystem is systematically placed to showcase an entrepreneurs' journey with the team of Chatur Ideas.

Any concept for logo can get butchered if you don't get your colours right! Hence it was important for us to get our colours right. But thankfully we always had a clear vision in our head about the colours, and we always wanted a two colour variation in our logo. We wanted our logo colours to represent optimisim and stimulate warmness and cheerfulness when gazed upon. Therefore, we finalised sunset variation of yellow, not many know that yellow colour also stimualtes mental processes and nervous sytem. For the second colour we wanted a corporate colour, but we were not satisfied with a solid blue which is dominant corporate colour. We wanted our logo to stimulate peace, but at the same time we also wanted a colour that could showcase creativity and astuteness, so hence we finalised variation of Blue and purple. Always remember colours have psychological effect, so always choose them wisely.

Now the final piece of puzzle was our 'I', it may sound cliché to you but it's a fact that whenever you close your eyes and hear the word 'Idea' a blurry image of bulb appears in front of you. So this was simple, we wanted to hear and see what general public wanted to hear and see. So we gave a crafty and a unique design element to the 'I' to make it look like a bulb. And if one may notice our 'I' is titled towards a slant upward direction hence connoting our forward and progressive thinking.