Personality traits that is perfect for entrepreneurship!
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
22Feb, 2016

Owning and managing a business is not a cakewalk. It is like walking on a rope where each day brings new challenges. However, it is not an impossible thing either. Mumbai entrepreneurs have to fight the battles on multiple fronts simultaneously, and the rules of the game are different. He or she has to play different roles that demand different temperaments.  What is the secret to success? Experts say that some basic characteristics make the entrepreneurs successful mentors in business.

Seven colors of a perfect entrepreneurship

  1. Charisma: Believe it or not, but charisma is the fundamental trait. A successful business leader must shine differently from others. An entrepreneur is likeable and lovable. People relate him or her to the bright future of the organization. They believe the words spoken by the leader and the assurances given to the employees. They can drive the business forward and extract the best work from the colleagues.

  2. Passion and motivation: The entrepreneur cant motivated others unless he or she demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm of achieving goals. The energy levels should be high, touching the boundaries of impatience sometimes. The true entrepreneurs in Mumbai eat business, drink business and live business. It is just impossible for other to remain unaffected by the passion and energy.

  3. Humility: In spite of being enthusiastic and energetic, a real entrepreneur is humble. He is considerate and empathetic, but not at the cost of performance.  He has the knack of getting the work done without hurting the ego.  He is open to the insights of others because he feels that it is imperative for the success of the business.

  4. Ambitious: An entrepreneur has to be ambitious. Then only the investors would believe in him. When they put money, obviously they want to multiply it. When the business leader defines explicit goals and achieves them one by one, it indicates that the business is moving in the right direction.

  5. Decisiveness: When the entrepreneur is firm in making decisions, the trait percolates down the line. There is no room for indecision in a business because it is an opportunity loss.

  6. Networking: In the modern world of social networking, an entrepreneur has to be social and interactive. The more he intermingles with others, high is the visibility.

  7. Knowledge-seeking: A great entrepreneur is always knowledge-seeking. He is well-informed and well-aware of not only his business, but the entire world. It makes them the best business mentors.