Journey of RecurPost - The startup that helps you automatically recycle your evergreen updates on So
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Posted : 2 years ago
Journey of RecurPost - The startup that helps you automatically recycle your evergreen updates on So
22Mar, 2017

After having worked with budding (and most of the times broke) entrepreneurs for over 3 years, Dinesh Agarwal, founder of RecurPost observed a common pattern that bothered him. While entrepreneurs were good at building their startups, they were not good at marketing them. They did not have enough money to compete with large incumbents in their market when it came to getting the word out. They did not even have the financial luxury to hire someone to help them spread the word.

Social media was proving a great medium for them to draw attention from their target audience. However, the sheer amount of work it took to share things on social channels consistently was a big issue. These entrepreneurs could either spend their time on core activities of their business or manage their social media channels.

That’s when Dinesh Agarwal started looking around for reliable tools to help entrepreneurs. There were tools available in the market that could schedule content for you, but still needed you to come up with great new content to share. There were tools that even recommended content by others, but that was not enough to promote your business on social media.

Dinesh and his team thus set out to solve this problem. This team included Hemant, Jigar, Ankur, Hevil, Tejas and of course Dinesh. They have worked together on a number of startups over last few years. Their solution was named RecurPost and is one of their fastest growing startups so far.

RecurPost is a social media management platform that lets you recycle your best updates on social media.You sign up for RecurPost, create different libraries (like witty quotes, mentions by others, promotional videos etc.) and set a schedule for your updates to post. Once an update has been posted, it goes and sits at the end of the library to be posted again when everything else has been posted.

This way your best updates will never go to waste. They continue to bring traffic to you over time. With a decent sized library (such as 30 updates) you can set it so that one update is only repeated every 30 days by sharing one update from that library on social accounts.

Coming back to supporting entrepreneurs, RecurPost is a free platform for budding entrepreneurs. Their philosophy is to give entrepreneurs a level playing field so that they can clobber the big dogs. They do want to make money but only when their users grow with them and wish to upgrade their plan.

Talking about how he promoted his platform RecurPost, Dinesh says “When we built the platform, we were in the same boat. We had to figure out how do we get the word out to our target audience (meta-problem?). We resorted to hard work. We joined a lot of Facebook groups with our target audience and started connecting with them. We would be a part of conversations and when there was a genuine opportunity to introduce RecurPost (like a “share your product” FB post) we would leave a link there. This led us to connect with people who were running those groups. We sent a bunch of emails and got great response as there was clearly a need for this product. They invited us to demo RecurPost to their groups and the group members further spread the word. Within no time we grew beyond what we expected”

RecurPost was launched in August 2016 and since then it has grown to over 3500 active and engaged users. This is a testimony to our product as we have not spent any money on advertising so far. People are liking it enough to share it with their communities.

As soon as they start, they experience the time they save by letting RecurPost take care of their social accounts. We keep track of their activity and responses for them and let them know if they need to intervene and change something.

Now who would have thought this could be so easy? Don’t believe, Try it yourself – It’s free!