Make your own E-Commerce website with Zero experience: Be a Chatur! - Part - 3
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Now that you are all set with the web site it’s now time to drive the traffic to your website.

Before we say anything, let us ask you a question. If you have a real store or a boutique, how will you get more walk-ins to your store?

The simple answer to this question is by generating a genuine spur in the locality or the area where your shop is. And the way you would be able to trigger this is by word of mouth and by building an authentic conversation’s between the crowds of your targeted area.

Similarly, the online market also works on the same principle, the only difference here is that we have named it organic and inorganic sourcing.

So when you put Google Ad words or Facebook Adverts, which is inorganic-audience building, you are not helping your business reach its genuine audience. This process of inorganic audience building may help you garner some amount of reach. But if you wish to penetrate into the market, faster than Usain Bolt, you will require, an organic way of building a reliable and trustworthy online conversation your customers.


So the best way you can garner genuine footfall to your online store is by creating awareness via influencers of the digital world. These influencers are your top-read bloggers of your field!

  • You can post banner ads on these bloggers site. (You can negotiate to get prime placements for your ads)
  • You can ask them to write sponsored posts.
  • You can post a contest and organize giveaways.

For instance, if you have website which caters to products related and customized for toddlers, then you can sign a contract with top 10 mommy bloggers, and ask them to write a sponsored post on topics related to baby products purchased from your website. 

Case in point: If your mommy blogger influences 30,000 mommies in Mumbai then you have automatically created an authentic and credible conversation with her 30,000 followers.

Case in point: Fashion Blogging has become a full-time profession for many entrepreneurs!

Obviously, you should and must have a rock-solid SEO strategy. Your content plays a pivotal role in attracting more traffic to your website. So it’s important to have strong, search engine friendly, relevant words and anchor texts to optimize your ranking on search pages.

Well lastly, the only thing now you would require is to drive conversions and improve them exponentially

You can do that in a couple of ways, in which some are mentioned in Part Two.

Like, for instance, it’s okay to mimic a business model and take it to a different platform if it’s selling and tweak it suits your online model.

With that, you can also add unique benefits to your online store like:

  • Instead of 30 days return policy you can give six months return policy if you have accessories and apparel related online store.
  • You can also rope in some good reviews to enhance your credibility in the market, by contacting top read bloggers and Website in your e-commerce domain.
  • Shopify and other websites give widgets, which you can use to place it on the bloggers site of your field.
  • Newsletters registration on your websites and blogs, new products announcements, offers, online coupons, and discounts are some of the commonly used strategies to improve sales conversion.

If you have all these points 'tick marked' in your checklist and your planning is robust, it will give a sense of security to your investors. Please understand all the investors whether they are Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, or any type of financiers they all have earned money the hard way and they will also look for the same hardworking attitude, zest, and energy in you. With your niche in entrepreneurial abilities, they will see that if you are a hard taskmaster and to what level you are passionate about your venture. They will see if you have, what it takes to be a Chatur … and if you are! Then you have already taken the first step on your entrepreneurial journey. 

If you too have entrepreneurial dreams, you need to have faith in your Chatur Idea. You will always wonder who will fund this idea and from where will you find investors. In that case, you can participate in the #BeAChatur Contest and not only be mentored, but also stand a chance to win a whopping Rs.10 Lac funding for your dream startup idea.