Is your business face-booked yet?
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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In this cutthroat and competitive world of business, innovative strategies alone won't cut it, if you wish to expand your business via marketing or create brand awareness. Free marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Is the key to creating an organic likeliness for your brand and also help you in creating huge expansion opportunities with almost no spend.

Here are few tips for all startups who intent to make a steady and sustainable market for their businesses via Facebook...

People expect the unexpected

Being unique and different is always noticed. In the pile of black and white, you need to be colorful to get noticed. Portray your brand in a quirkiest and unique ways, which can help you, gain recognition. Post things, which are an instant catch for the people, so that you can generate as much as organic likes as possible.

Call to action

This button on Facebook page is an instant way to increase your footfalls on the website or to get maximum signups. This direct marketing tool ensures a natural increase in your signups, bookings or promotion of any type of URL that would invariably increase your reach organically.

Content that creates communication...

Communication is a two-way process we need to express and as well as require our consumers to suggest us on where we stand from time to time. Questioning keeps your audience engaged and can be fruitful for your startup offering vivid suggestions. Questioning should be such that it sparks a zesty debate, but at the same time it should also have the width and space for anyone and anybody to opine and suggest. It should never less fixated and more scattered in its reach.

Stay Connected, Stay Close

No one can survive alone in this world. We need to be social in order to survive for this we should like and connect with other companies, which will increase our reach and we will be able to amass huge audience. Connecting one page to another will create a wide information web for your business and will also keep you updated about what other businesses are up to! As all the wise ones say keep your friends close, but your enemy's closer!

Usage of Facebook insight

This particular tool gives you a glance of your posts, followers and statistics on your engagement with the crowd. It gives you an insight of which post was liked and shared which gives you a sense of what kind of content works better for your business.

Wide web of hashtags

One needs to learn the correct way of using hashtags in order to widen its reach. Start by searching a popular hashtag. Facebook offers the feature of trending which helps to find new and popular hashtags. This can help a startup to increase its audience base.

Minimal cost

In self-multiplying expenses, there is a vital need to be cost effective. Through Facebook marketing, it can be easily achieved. A decently designed informative page is now at par with highly invested advertisement with a very minimal cost one can design good business can be attained.

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