Perfiniti, a match made online
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Innovation coupled with creativity results in start-ups like Perfiniti.

Perfiniti Compatibility Matching Service provides one of the unique services in finding out if the person you plan to spend your life with, is the right choice. The method is a scientific process which helps in deciding the result. For Indian families, matrimonial sites have been providing a great service since a long time, so now new addition into the trend is a service, a service which lets you understand your to – be partner better. It helps in finding if your partner and you serve the same behaviour. Gaurav Sareen is a certified behaviour specialist and a trainer and change agent. He had been working for over 20 years with business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and momprenuers via power coaching.

Compatibility being a big concern, Gaurav Sareen found this field a budding opportunity to venture into. Without direct competition, his business found a lot of customers. Sareen started with this idea when he found out that although India has been used to the matrimonial weddings since ages, little does the bride and groom know about each other. Considering the fact that this can create misunderstandings in families, Sareen thought of coming up with a concept which will help in knowing each one well in advance.

The test produces a 32 page Behavior Compatibility Report Card which makes the final decision. Sareen has creatively introduced a field which helps in creating an informed relationship by providing insights about the behavior of people. This field is not a direct business of sorts, it is an innovative concept that is serving many. Waiting for an out of the box theory to strike you would not have helped in establishing this website. It is a thought and knowledge in the field that helped Sareen work towards materializing something that helps people to live together. Perfiniti also serves existing couples by providing an insight into their behavior and solve relationship issues.

Perfniti puts couples through a psychometric test each taking it individually which is a set of 24 questions. The answer forms to be 100 to 800 behavior traits in which the questions are from day-to-day activities like I am a good listener, I don’t like watching TV late in the night or I like hanging out with friends. For each answer, a person gets points from +5 to -5. An algorithm then checks the consistency of response and establishes understanding between couples.

Creativity, innovation, passion and dedication has always led people to heights. Be it from any field, these key elements coupled with hard work will always help in materializing dreams.

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