Choosing the offbeat path, Mr. Prasanna Rai
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Movement is the most stationary thing in everyone’s life. People are always on the go, we want or not we have to move for different reasons and so our belongings. This reminds me of a courier service and Mr. Prasanna Rai who is now synonymous with courier industry. The off-beat path taken by Mr. Rai shows that dedication can bring you fruits from a barren land.

The success story of this courier boy can be written in golden words inspiring many like him. Starting a courier company with mere Rs. 30,000 borrowed from a friend today is producing an annual 12 crore turnover. Started with P&G as an agent transporting their promotional goods in Mumbai, then more and more contracts poured in and now there is no looking back.

Rai invested Rs. 9 crore for an office space in Mumbai and is now planning to start a manufacturing unit for promotion and branding. The expansion of his firm gave new light to many entrepreneurs because it's just the idea that matters, rest everything can be made possible.

Everyone does not have the eyesight to see diamonds with their naked eyes and those who have are like Prasanna Rai, owner of Star Express a courier company with turnover or Rs. 12 crore. Prasanna Rai never thought that his summer job could fetch him an idea, which would eventually change his life.

Starting with mere Rs. 30,000 borrowed from his friend and today Mr Rai’s  Chatur idea is standing on the cliff of success. 

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