A perfect exemplar of perseverance and success. Pradeep Jain, Co Founder of Karbonn Mobiles
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Karbonn mobile made its foray into mobile manufacturing in India in April 2009. Jointly founded by Mr. Pradeep Jain and Mr. Sudhir Hasija, it has today become the #3rd best Smartphone brand in India.

Pradeep Jain is the Managing Director of the company and a perfect exemplar of perseverance and success. He is an industrious man who knows to grab the opportunity when it comes knocking on the door.

Mobiles phones had made an entry into Indian markets in the late nineties. Pradeep Jain saw it as an excellent business opportunity. His success story begins with him opening his own shop dealing and selling mobile phones of Nokia and Samsung in New Delhi in 1995. Two years later, with plans of expansion, Pradeep decided to become a national distributor. His hard work and determination triumphed and by the year 2005, he had 150 people as a part of his team spread all over the country and became a national distributor for other big companies like HTC, LG and Motorola.

He founded Karbonn as a joint-venture between his Jain Group based in Delhi and United Telelinks based in Bangalore run by his long-time friend, Sudhir Hasija with a capital of 100 crore from IDBI bank. With a mobile phone boom in India and a strong dealer network, he was able to understand the market situation and, therefore, decided to join the successful fray of launching his own mobile phone. His own experience, skills and understanding of the mobile needs of Indians benefitted him greatly. Karbonn debuted as a dual sim Smartphone. And today, Karbonn mobile has achieved a niche for themselves in the Indian mobile market space.

With established mobile companies already gaining the foothold in Indian market space, launching one’s own mobile company was a risk. But not for Mr. Jain, who jumped headfirst into his fracas with his skills, strong network and understanding of the market. Now, with a turnover of 1200 crore, Karbonn mobile has made a place for itself among the top mobile brands.  

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