Is Entrepreneurship thinking out of the box?
Author : Sonali Roy
Posted : 3 years ago
13Sep, 2016

Creativity energizes entrepreneurship

Creativity is one of the main traits of an entrepreneur who explores new ideas for developing his/her business. So, an entrepreneur plays the dual roles- one of the business-holder/owner and the other is of an artist.

The artist provides the business with new dimension by getting it modified to a great extent. You may say that the innovation may take place either in launching new business ideas and products or in existing products.

In many cases, existing products are given a polished shape through much rectification. And it is no less than the result of any hard-work which is obtained through years.

Entrepreneurship- a culture of innovation

Generally, entrepreneurs are led to think ‘out of the box’ by some unusual happenings or experiences. The experiences may be personal or professional. Actually, we do not know when and how we can learn about what. This really creates a mystery which is often considered as like throwing stones in the bush.

Hence, entrepreneurship develops the culture of innovation. But, you know it is much tough to go against the waves, particularly when you earn livelihood. Yes, it is not that you hold on over entrepreneurship just for your hobby.

It helps you and other members of your business family to earn bread. And it is the hard reality that flows over dreams, passion, or anything that is conventional.

To stick to the competitive market, an entrepreneur sets out for voyages towards the uncertain; he/she is habituated to take steps for the renovation of his/her business, and this task should be performed by keeping a vigilant eye towards the market.

Key factors under entrepreneurship:

An entrepreneur is to decide for the essential steps by analyzing the following facts:

  • New product or existing product.
  • Product Life Cycle.
  • Small business or big endeavours.
  • Organizational behaviour and communication
  • Technical support, e.g. Information Technology and Human Resource Information System.
  • Financial strategies and development.
  • Manufacturing of products/preparing for services.
  • Marketing, packaging, labelling, channelling, and distribution.

Entrepreneurship can either go ahead in business or make you clean bold

From the practical point of view, entrepreneurship can either make your business healthy with new ideas or make you dumb through lots of falls.

As an entrepreneur, you do not know about the future; you can only assume the outcome. And there is a big difference between reality and assumption!

If your ideas would click to your assumption, it is okay. Then, you are the main attraction of your enterprise. But, in some cases, the opposite also takes place. In that case, you would have no option to get relaxed.

So, you should ponder over your ideas again and again before getting them executed. Attempt to justify them, as they originate by breaking through the rules.

Once you have executed those, there is not any other option left for you. Life is not a movie, and there is not any opportunity for re-take!

Otherwise, later you may feel guilty of your daring steps that you have brought about the ruins to your business in lieu of having the revolutionary changes in the field.

Moreover, your innovative strategies may not be successful for want of proper communication as well as unity in your organization. You may suffer from internal disputes which would not allow you to succeed in your venture.

There are also other factors which may create bars in achieving your goal, such as improper way of handling customers, lack of raw materials and professional workers, and suitable technological system etc.

Some tips to overcome the riddles in Entrepreneurship

Global Hiring: Keep an eye to international stand-point while appointing employees for your organization. This would help you to build multiple approaches towards various culture and discipline.

As a consequence, your business would have a global market by fulfilling the needs and demands of people worldwide.

Moreover, you would get acquainted to new techniques and ideas which would boost your creativity, thus leading you drawn towards successful assumption and innovation.

Friendly Environment: Maintain a friendly atmosphere in your work-place. Try to get out of the employer-employee relationship, because it is now out of fashion. This would lead your staffs feel comfortable as well as help you in exploring ideas.

Besides, it would blot out the dissatisfaction among employees. Every now and then, arrange for group discussions with your employees; try to make them feel they are the important part of your business, and they should equally take part and contribute in the growth and development of your enterprise.

Remember that many industries have been kicked out of the market for internal disputes. Work with them, walk with them, and think with them. Reward them on their exploring ideas. Just get this system effective and you will witness the result.

Relaxation: Are you confused while thinking out of the box? Don’t worry. Just set your goals or objectives. If you limit yourself and focus on a specific point, you would no more get puzzled. If possible, give a space to yourself.

Get relaxed and you would explore your ‘self’ in a new way. Then, you don’t have to hover here and there.

Have breaks and entertainment: Try to engage your staffs in creative sides, such as painting, photography, music, stage performance, knitting, writing, and travelling etc. This arrangement would do a lot in bringing a fresh air in your team.

Make them feel at home. Many popular organizations have boosted their techniques towards entrepreneurship through creativity.

You would then be able to provide people with new opportunities, thus leading to expansion of your business. It would earn a good traffic for your business which would draw product benefits. This would generate more ideas. On the whole, optimism brings in optimism.

A bite towards the entrepreneurs:

Hey, entrepreneurs, be hair-splitters; analyze yourselves. Self-criticism is the best to achieve success- whether it is business or life. And thus maintain your trend towards ‘out of the box’.