How to Build your personal brand?
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
How to Build your personal brand
24Nov, 2016

Do you know the importance of building a brand? Just sit back and close your eyes. Now think about any famous brand that you are familiar with. Be it Coca Cola or Samsung or Levis. What does it remind you? Just about the product or something else? Well, it reminds you of the identity, logo, color combination, values and many more things. A brand becomes the identity of the product. Brand building isn’t an easy thing, but it is not an impossible thing to achieve either.

Here are some tips to make it simple:

Know yourself first

Do you think great brands are built on the fly? Certainly not! It is a long-term process that involves strategic planning. You should also move in the similar fashion. Start the ball rolling by describing your brand using a few adjectives. How should it be perceived by others? Would you like it to be informal and friendly or professional and serious? Would you like it to be funky and modern or classic and traditional? Each brand has a separate identity and so as your brand should also have it.

Other than the tone of your brand, you should decide what is your target audience? Is it for elite class or common people? Based on the audience you want to associate with your brand, the further strategy can be decided.

Think about marketing plan

Once you are clear about the personality and the target audience of the brand, the next step is to decide about marketing plan. Build a positive and recognizable image of the brand so that it appeals a large audience. You need creative initiatives and promotional ideas to establish the identity.

You can use modern digital media and social media platforms to showcase your brand.  It is a cost-effective and sure shot method of portraying your brand identity.

Associate a distinct brand value

Remember, a brand doesn’t appeal others unless it adds some value! Be it style, opportunity, class or comfort; there has to be a unique thing associated with your brand. All your brand-building should be centered on it.

When you want to create your own, personal brand; you need structured and systematic approach. You can create a brand that tells others what your company is, what are the strengths and positive things, and what your capabilities are. Brand building is a journey towards tangible and absolute benefits by exploring the power of intangible and subjective things.