The Life You Want Doesn’t Happen by Accident
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
The Life You Want Doesn’t Happen by Accident
23Nov, 2015

There Is No Such Thing As co-Incidence in life

The life you want does not happen by accidents or events. Life is a word that has many meaning and phases. These are derived by one’s experiences and the meanings are different for different people. It is true with every person as the success and failures of a person depends upon the atmosphere in which he grew, their background and the choices one makes in the times of difficult situations. The outlook towards life differs from person to person and it comes from what you did in life, what you achieved and what are your aims for the future life.

Work hard for success

If you want to be successful, you must and you have to work hard to achieve whatever you desire. This tells that if you want something in life, you have to make efforts to attain it, as it is correctly said ‘No pains No gains’. There is no such thing like co-incidence, luck factor, etc; nothing is free in this world. No success for profit will come to you accidently, ‘There are no free lunches’. The capability of the person helps in deciding one’s position in his/her social life.

Destiny - A myth

Destiny is only a myth, you will get only that amount in your life as you have earned- ‘As you sow so shall you reap’.  For instance, you can study the life of Shah Rukh Khan. He is one of the leading actors in Hindi film industry. He had no support at all, yet he succeeded in his life. But some people need start up in Mumbai to shine out in their respective fields, even in other cities of India and other countries people are constantly competing and striving for achieving success.

Farmers - real hard workers

Another example is of Indian farmers, as agriculture is a primary occupation of eighty percent of people, there is a huge contribution of the farmers in the growth and prosperity of India. They work very hard and face many hardships in the process of providing crops to the Indian citizens. But they need support from seed capital –India and other companies so that they can provide the fullest. So everyone should work hard and strive for achieving success.