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Posted : 3 years ago
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Voylla  is one such startup which has been slowly tugging its way up to the top of the food chain in the Jewellery space. Voylla is a Jaipur based online and offline fashion jewellery marketplace. It offers a wide range of designer jewellery and accessories for women, men, and kids. Voylla carries jewellery for every occasion, including traditional, modern, gemstone, chunky and fashion jewellery.

Jagrati Shringi who now is the Chief Technology Officer of Voylla is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. She started her career in 1999 in a company called C-DOT as an R&D Trainee. Later on, she joined Laurel Networks in the US as a Software Engineer. She was the only women employee there in the Software Development Department, later on she was promoted to lead a key technology group in India which finally made her relocate to India in the year 2011. During the time, she had this novel idea of wanting to start a business that could combine both her passions 'Technology' and 'Fashion'.  She consulted this idea with her husband Vishwas Shringi and that’s how Voylla was born.

Vishwas Shringi who is a Chief Executive Officer for Voylla carries a massive 15 years experience in the technology sector including a long six years tenure at the retail giant Amazon. He is a graduate from IIT Madras and is also passionate about Technology like Jagrati.

Jagrati attributes her accomplishment with Voylla as her husband's relentless support and dedication. She states that nothing would have happened if it wasn’t for her husband and now also her business partner. She also believes that she defies the conventionalism as she equally loves two domains which are 'Fashion' and 'Technology'. She feels that a person can either be affectionate about technology or can be an aficionado of Fashion. 

Even before Voylla was a reality, she always felt that her true calling was in the form of work that blends technology and art together. It was 'the itch' as she describes ecstatically that kept her looking for avenues to explore opportunities the area of technology and art combined.

Voylla imitation jewellery products are retailed as fashion products, they started selling apparels and Jewellery in the year 2012, but as the demand for jewellery rose, they focused their efforts on only selling jewellery. They launched approximately 500 to 700 products every week.

Both husband and wife want to carve a niche in the jewellery business by making Voylla India’s number one designer jewellery brand.

Voylla has recently raised $15 million from Private Equity firm Peepul Capital. Earlier it had raised $2 million from Angel Investors.

Started in the year 2011, Voylla has three offline stores and are looking to set up 25 shops across the country in a tie-up with retail giants like Future Group. At present, the company competes with Ornativa, YouShine and Ownow and others

Jagrati says that creating Fusion Jewellery is a pure delight and at Voylla they take a lot of inspiration from untapped and hidden Indian gems of art like Kashmiri Jhumkis, Lac Bangles, Thewa and Mughal arts. They also work with various NGO’s that help them get these designs created directly by the artisans with the profits directly reaching to the craftsmen. She states in this way the consumers get the genuine handmade products.